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Séléné Nr. 1 Designer Wandleuchte Design by Norma Studio von Roger Pradier

Designerlampe Séléné Nr. 1. Design by Normal Studio. Hergestellt von ROGER PRADIER Outdoor Lighting Saint Maur, Frankreich. 

"Séléné has a presence that is almost sculptural. This range,
which comes with pureness of line, was born of close
observation of the know-how gained from the techniques
of tin-smithing. “The  generosity of the form call to mind
the leaf of the water lily. The velvety appearance of the
colours chosen is a counterpart to the downy surfaces of
some plants,” say Jean-François Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï.
The masked light source gives out a beautiful luminous halo
that plays with the colour of the support. Awarded with the
VIA Label 2011." Quelle Katalog Roger Pradier.

H 651 x W 498 x D 142mm.


Class 2


Opal polycarbonate diffuser

LED 21W - 3.000K warm white.

LED 21W - 4.000K neutral white

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Volker Maiwald, Gründer und seit 1998 Inhaber
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